Destination branding. More than beige. Or an adventurous red.

 “A brand is the perception of a product, service, experience or organisation in the minds of others. This perception is influenced by expression (communication) and experiences. Every touch point, every interaction works to re-enforce this perception, be it positive or negative.”

This is forever etched into my memory. Back in the good old days of being a brand consultant and brand manager, I probably said this at least once every day. For well over 20 years.  And this is as relevant now as it was back then.

One of the things I love most about parasols – is they really are a form of brand expression. They say a lot about a person, a home or venue.   

We’re really seen this in the rise of destination branding. Think two coffee shops, both with similar exceptional standards and wonderful service. Both on the same street. One has basic café chairs and tables out the front. The other has brightly coloured umbrellas, that makes you think of holidays in Rome. What one are you going to ask to meet your friends at?

Same with Hotels and Resorts. In the age of TikTok and Instagram, which will have the most shareable cred? We’ve really seen this over the Northern Summer, in particular in Italy and the US.

Your brand identity is an identifier, that consumers use to recognise and associate with you. And with it comes perceptions and emotions, connected to your brand. And a good umbrella is as much a part of your brand identity as your logo. It is a physical representation of who you are, what you stand for and the experience you want to provide.

There are very strong emotional cues inherently linked to outdoor umbrellas. That feeling of a relation, luxury, destination or relaxation. Hard hired into our brains from past pleasurable experiences. That’s why the Original Parasol Co is equally about cocktails and entertaining, as it is umbrellas.

 To put it another way…. when we design and manufacture our resort inspired umbrellas for venues, the first question we most often ask is “what emotion do you want people to feel when they sit under you'r umbrellas?”.  Followed by “what style/look are you seeking to convey?”.

Because umbrella’s are part of your brand identity, brand expression and brand experience.  

So what emotion, what association are you wanting from your brand? And what do your current umbrellas then really say about you?

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