Instructions & Care


    Step One
    Take the umbrella & pole carefully out of the box & its bag & take outside. It helps to have 2 people if possible. Place the parts on their sides & join the two pole parts together.

    Place the umbrella upright in the base plate and tighten the thumb screw until secure. Making sure the base is firmly anchored to the ground through weights or slip bolts.

    Step Two
    Gently unfurl the umbrella, it may be quite stiff after packing &  shipping. Pull out each rib slightly and unfold the valance. If the parasol is stiff, it can help to stand under the canopy & very gently help free the ribs. Slowly pull on the cord pulley system to raise the canopy. This will lift the canopy so the ribs begin to extend outward and the umbrella's fabric becomes taut.

    Once the canopy is firm, insert the pin into one of the holes on the pole.

    Step Three
    When the umbrella is in place, the pulley cord can be wrapped around the pole and secured with a hitch knot, so it is not hanging loose.

    Please remember to lower your canopy when not in use, during strong winds and storms.

    Step Four
    To close, hold the rope firmly so there is no slack & remove the pin. Slowly release the cord to lower the canopy. To maintain quality, fold any valances under the umbrella to protect the fabric. Secure the tie provided around the umbrella fabric.


    Umbrellas must always be closed in high winds, secured & tied.

    As a duty of care, always bring the canopy of umbrellas down and secure your umbrella during high winds.

    To prevent damage to the canopies - umbrellas also need to be closed, secured, tied & covered during hail or electrical storms.

    Wind ratings demonstrate the strength of a frame. And are conducted with the highest level of fastening of the base. Only umbrellas secured & locked in an in-ground socket, installed by a registered operator & signed off by a registered building practitioner, will have a higher wind tolerance. The wind rating should always be checked before leaving these umbrellas up during strong gusts.

    Only use your umbrella with a suitable base

    Its important to use an umbrella base (bolted or with weights) or in-ground sockets that secures the umbrella firmly. And is fully tightened to prevent the frame from lifting.

    Note: bases with wheels are not considered a secure fixing for the Australian climate. The bases are often light to allow wheel movement, and the umbrella can act as a kite once wind starts to gust.

    Bases always need to be appropriately weighted or secured

    The base by itself is not sufficient. The base should always be weighted by plates, bags, concrete or secured in-ground through an in-ground socket.

    Each umbrella size, location & windiness of site is unique. But as a rule of thumb, we would recommend the following weights as a guide:

    • Small 2m umbrella: at least 45kgs
    • Large 2.9m umbrella: at least 58kgs

    Tie-off the cord

    We recommend wrapping the pulley cord around the pole and securing with a hitch knot to prevent the cord from flapping.


    While our cushions are outdoor and made from the same fabrics as our umbrellas. We don't recommend leaving them outside for prolonged periods of time where they may get dirty, stained or wet. Please bring indoors if raining. And wipe away any stains or debris immediately to maintain the fabric condition. 




    Your fabric will retain its bright colour for many years ahead when kept clean.

    • Keep the fabric clean by hosing regularly to remove leaves and dust
    • For spot stains, we recommend wiping away any marks with gentle wipes, such as wet ones or baby wipes
    • Avoid hard scrubbing to minimise fabric fading and damage to the surface of the fabric. And never use powered, high-pressure washes for cleaning the umbrella
    • When closing and storing the umbrella away, ensure the fabric is thoroughly dry.
    • We don't recommend leaving cushions dirty or wet. As this can damage the fabric. 

    For a deep clean and stubborn stains 

    • For toucher stains such as tree sap or bird droppings:
      • Mix a weak concentration of household, PH neutral detergent or soft soap in lukewarm water (1:20 ratio).
      • Apply the detergent and water mix to the fabric using a soft cloth or sponge.
      • Leave on for 15-20 minutes before washing of with plenty of warm water (not exceeding 40ºC).
      • Leave umbrella open and allow to thoroughly dry.
    • What to avoid:
      • Keep petrol, oil, solvents, kerosene, and other similar fluids away from the fabric. And do not use detergents containing solvents, as these could harm the fabric.

    Please note handling during manufacturing and transportation may have left some minor wrinkles in the fabric. Wet the fabric while the parasol is fully extended using a domestic hose at a moderate pressure for several minutes until the fabric is uniformly wet. Allow the fabric to dry completely in full sun. Follow this procedure if the umbrella has been rolled up for a long period of time.