Environmental & Social Sustainability


We don't have a fancy mission statement, charter or values on a plaque.

Our approach is simple... just try to make the best decisions that take into account the environmental & social impacts. And our commitment is to keep doing so as we grow.


  • We help reduce future landfill waste by developing long lasting products & the options to mix, match & replace parts.

  • We use recyclable materials in our umbrellas.

  • Where we can use recycled materials we do.

  • We purchase materials from ISO 14001 certified companies.


  • We support our communities, through prioritising local family owned Australian manufacturing & production.

  • We only work with manufacturers & supply chains that comply with the Modern Slavery Act of 2018.

  • We will not make or sell any products that could pose an unreasonable safety or health risk because they are not properly manufactured, lack clear & transparent information, or have not been safety reviewed.

  • We put safety first at all times, providing the knowledge and tools for you to operate your umbrellas safely. 

And this is just the start...