Not all outdoor materials are created equal

Commited to quality

We are committed to using only premium quality materials in our parasols. Designing for quality, durability & safety.

Our 3 year warranty covers workmanship, materials & fabrcs from not fading.

Only premium outdoor materials


We only use Premium Solution Dyed Acrylic fabric for our canopies, as it provides superior protection against constant UV light exposure, without rapidly breaking down.

Most fabrics begin with fibers that are initially colourless. The fibers are woven into yarns, the yarns are then dyed, and woven into fabric.

With solution dyed acrylic, the colouring takes place before the yarn is ever created. A liquid acrylic solution is mixed with the dye, and colour impregnates the heart of the fiber, delivering bright, glowing colours. The fiber is then spun into yarn.

Original Parasol Co - Solution Dyed Aycrlic Properties

This process makes it colour-fast and water-resistant. Solution-dyed acrylics are soft and breathable. And at a practical level mould & mildew resistant, stain resistant and easy to clean.  


To provide the best fabrics, we work with a range of leading manufacturers from Spain, France & the United States, all of who specialise in Awning & Marine Grade Solution Dyed Acrylic, which is the highest quality of canopy fabric.

These brands are also selected for their supply chain credentials, transparency of reporting, & focus on environmental, social & corporate governance. 


We love a bit of umbrella bling. Actually, we love it more than a bit...! But unless the right materials are used, the bling won't stay gorgeous for long.

All our materials are sourced in a similar manner to our Solution Dyed Acrylic. They are all made from high quality outdoor rated materials, designed to be used in shade or outdoor furnishing environments.

We source these materials directly from specialty Awning & Marine providers in Australia & the United States.


Our parasol frames are made from custom designed and extruded aluminium interlocking arms with aluminium cogs and brackets. We use stainless steel for the nuts and bolts.

Powder coating is Dulux industrial, outdoor, long life powder coating.