Sun Safety

Know your shade & UV ratings


During times where sun protection is advised (when the UV index is 3 & above) SunSmart Australia recommends use of a combination of the five sun protection measures:

  1. Slip on sun protective clothing

  2. Slop on sunscreen

  3. Slap on a hat

  4. Seek shade, &

  5. Slide on sunglasses.

Shade is one of the most comfortable forms of personal protection from ultraviolet radiation (UVR) in sunlight. When used effectively, most forms of shade can reduce UVR exposure by up to 75%, especially if used with other sun protection measures.

There are a number of factors that impact how effectively a shade structure provides sun protection. These include:

  • Type of fabric used

  • The density of the shade

  • The size of the shade, &

  • Whether the structure has side protection.


The Ultraviolet Effectiveness (UVE) rating shows how effective a shade fabric is at providing shade for sun protection.

UV Ratings

That’s why we only use premium solution dyed acrylic fabric for our canopies, as it provides outstanding protection against constant UV light exposure without rapidly breaking down.

SunSmart recommendations for effective shade
  • Use a combination of built and natural shade for people to use during sun protection times.

  • Create shade that provides a barrier to direct and indirect sources of UV radiation.

  • Ensure shade is easily accessible, attractive, in good condition and regularly maintained.

  • Use surfaces that don't easily reflect UV, e.g. natural, dark or rough surfaces such as grass, soil and tanbark.

Colours count & are worth considering
As a rule of thumb it is also worth noting:

Colours impact UV ratings


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