Mix, Match & Replace

Can't decide what colour or style you like best?

We're hearing you. That's why we have made it easy to mix, match or replace your canopy.

You just need to make sure that your canopies are in the same system. For example if you want to swap your Byron canopy for a Palm Bach canopy, you can because they are both part of the 2.9m octagonal system. But you can't change sizes or shape, e.g. swap a 2m square with a 2.9m octagonal.

Canopies are super easy to change.

  • Use an allen key to loosen the bolts securing the canopy to the ribs. You may need to use a drill with allen key drill bit if the fixing is tight.
  • Unscrew.
  • Loosen the velcro holding the canopy against the ribs.
  • Remove the canopy from the frame.
  • Replace the canopy, re-fasten the velcro holds & re-secure the bolts holding the tightly. 

Now you can change your shade with the season, or for different events.

Repair & re-use 

If something goes wrong with your umbrella - the canopy or the frame - we would always much rather repair your umbrella if we can, minimising the impact on landfill.

And of course, if the umbrella is under warranty, we will work with you to repair or replace the impacted materials immediately.

However, if something happens out of warranty please just get in touch. And we can work with you to repair & re-use any part. 

And in the worst case, the materials for our lovely umbrellas used are recyclable - but we would much rather you have a quality product that lasts for many, many years ahead.

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