Base, Weights & In-Ground Sockets

No one likes a rogue parasol!

Our umbrella frames are robust & engineered to withstand strong winds. But they are only as good as the support system holding them firmly & securely in place. 

Step One: Base Plate

Umbrellas must always be placed in an appropriate parasol/ umbrella base that secures the parasol firmly and is fully tightened to prevent the frame from lifting. Our lovely matching umbrella base is custom designed to complement our frames & fit with our weighted plates or weight bags.

Step Two: Weights & In-Ground Sockets

While it looks stunning, the base by itself isn't enough to safely anchor your parasol. The base should always be weighted by plates, bags, or secured in-ground through via slip-bolts.

Alternatively we have in-ground sockets, that are cemented into the ground.

Weight required will vary by wind speed

How much weight do I need?

Parasols shouldn't go on diets. As a rule of thumb, for light winds you should be bulking up to the following, or higher:

  • Small 2m umbrella: at least 45kgs
  • Large 2.9m umbrella: at least 58kgs

We're fans of in-ground sockets or the weighted plate system. Works a treat & shows off all the best features of your lovely base.

And for most 2.9m Octagonal umbrellas if you are getting a Base and Weights, we recommend 1 x Base and 3 x Weight Plates.

Not your standard outdoor cover

Keep your umbrella clean and snug 

For those times, when you need to keep your umbrella clean from flying debris and every day life such as tree leaves and sap, pollution or our not so cuddly native animals... we have created the Original Parasol Co Protection Cover and Bag.

Protection Cover & Storage Bag