Our warranty covers the parasol frame and canopy for faults and defects relating to workmanship and/or materials. It also covers the canopy fabric for not fading, when the product is used as the manufacturer intended.

When we ship your parasol, you’ll receive our Warranty Card and Care Instructions. 
When making a warranty claim, please send us your proof of purchase & detailed images of the parasol. The condition of the parasol will be assessed against the warranty terms and if it meets these terms, we will repair/replace the parasol. Original Parasol Co will also take responsibility for shipping within Australia in respect of a valid warranty claim.
This warranty excludes damage caused by improper installation, accidents, misuse, storm or hail damage, or natural disasters, failure to comply with our care instructions or events outside of the control of the Original Parasol Co. Alterations and repairs other than by the Original Parasol Co void the terms for making a claim under the warranty.
This warranty is additional to existing rights in respect of the product, which the customer has under the Australian Trade Practices Act and similar Australian State and Territory Laws.