Campbell Parade Square Scallop Cushions

Modern Bondi Coastal Organic Style

Pastels, scallops & cutting edge style. The Campbell Parade is our homage to the Bondi design. The pastel coloured art deco buildings, organic modern apartments, modernist cafes & bars, and of course the iconic Bondi Beach. 

We love that the only seams are the scallops edged with white binding, creating a fluid profile. Perfect for kicking back, cocktail in hand to watch the waves (and of course the people). 

Square: 56 x 56m

OPC loves Bondi

For that resort inspired feeling...

Cocktails at Icebergs. Upstairs on the balcony. Dress fancy. Watch the sun set. Feel the salt spray and wind on your face. While you sip on an Aperol Spritz. Or Negroni. Or Sour. Ok... everything tastes better from those lofty heights.

There is only one end

The Northern end. Locals wouldn't be seen anywhere else. On the sand or on the hill, the choice is yours.

Golden hour

To best experience all that Bondi has to offer, sunrise and sunset is when it really glows. Early morning or late afternoon swims, meets friends for coffee, meal or drink - still in your swimmers, crusted in salt, with sandy feet. It doesn't get any better.